Monday, October 27, 2008

First Amendment? Anyone?

And here I thought that the whole country was a free-speech zone. But apparently in front of the library, it's a little more free than in other places. God bless America.

Does the phrase "God bless America" bother anyone else? It sort of seems to be like there's an unwritten caveat at the end, where the phrase actually says "God bless America, and screw Everyone Else." It always makes me uncomfortable. Why wouldn't we want God to bless everyone, rather than just the members of one particular country? I think if God is going to bless people, I'd like to include everyone. Just saying.

Food for thought on this Monday morning. Discuss.

P.S. People that bring chocolate to work hate America.

Edited on Tuesday night... *crickets*

Edited Wednesday night... Ok, so I guess it's just me that reads in the "screw Everyone Else" part. I will use the time spent not reading comments to ponder my cynicism.


LIBSMOM said...

Well, /i personally think that they only included America because they didn't want to appear presumptuous. As in, maybe other countries don't want God's blessing. They could only speak for, you know, Americans. Hell Shelley, now I'm going to have to get to the bottom of this; it's going to bother me all night!! LOL

Lish said...

After the last 8 years and the Patriot Act, I think we can safely say that the whole country is NOT a free speech zone. ;)

Never thought about God bless AMERICA...I guess that's like rooting for your high school or college team...some people don't see the point in any of it. :-P