Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Friday Night Lights

I think it's been pretty well-documented in this blog that I love football. Every Friday night, this is where I am. That's our team in the blue uniforms.

I pretend that we're at the games because Danni does this:

and this...

and this.

But honestly, even if she wasn't performing, we'd still be at the football games. Because Steve and I, we just love going.

Taking Kylie to the games is kind of a challenge, because she likes to run around with other kids. I've decided as long as I can see her or I know who she's with, it's fine. Plus, we let her suck sugar out of a big straw to keep her happy.

This past Friday night was Junior High night. That's when the 8th graders in the bands at the two junior highs that feed our high school get to come and play with the marching band at the football game. They don't march on the field with the band, but they get to play the stand tunes and fight song.

Here's Shannon with her snare drum. The only way I could get pictures was to wait until she was sitting down in the stands, so she was kind of trapped there when they started playing a song. She told me to go away. I told her I would go away if she let me take one picture. Then I lied and took about five.

She's not looking away from me, she's looking at the director. Really. She hates me though.

You know "He Who Must Not Be Named?" You're looking at rare pictures of "She Who Must Not Be Photographed."

And please...don't tell her they're on my blog. I don't want to watch her head explode.


adele said...

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Anonymous said...

LOL @ she who must not be photographed! I know that soon Megan won't let me take pics.

Missed you posting lately!

Lish said...

Huh? On the first comment here.

Anyways...I have one of those that doesn't let me take her photo niether, yet I find pics of her all over her friends' Myspaces (that I stalk) so I steal them from there. ;)

Shelley said...

Alice - I seem to have lost my mojo, or something. I'm having trouble coming up with things to write about. What is it about girls this age who don't want their picture taken? (not by Mom, anyway)

Lish - I was confused at first too...then I realized that she was talking about the TV show, Friday Night Lights. I've never seen it. I read the book a long time ago, because it was about a Texas high school in Odessa that my mom's best friend's sons both went to. And I hear ya on the My Space pics. There are tons of her out there, on her page and her friends' pages.

Lish said...

We own the book, movie, and watch the show...I just was wondering. ;)