Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Normally Wouldn't Bring This Up, But...

I'm confused. Someone whom I do not know left a comment on my last post, telling me about the nice leaves in New England, and then saying I had a wonderful family and hoped I was paying attention to what was going on, and that from some of my posts I seemed rather conservative. This person was trying to tell me that John McCain would lead us down the wrong path.


I don't talk about politics on my blog, mostly because it usually raises my blood pressure. It frustrates me when things that seem so obvious to me are not quite so clear to other people. I'm not saying people who disagree with me are wrong, just that we have different opinions. And that's ok. I have friends who don't agree with my views, and we can still be friends. Hell, my parents and I are polar opposites, politically. They are ultra-conservative, and have become more so each day they age. I can't talk politics with them, because it ends in a argument, and I don't like to argue with my 70 year-old parents. I have too much respect for them to argue with them, so I say nothing.

But, just in case there was any doubt, let me set the record straight. I am a Democrat. I am a liberal. My husband likes to refer to me as a 'bleeding heart liberal', and he doesn't mean it as a compliment. He and I can't talk politics too much either. In fact, there aren't too many people in my real life that I can talk politics with. I don't like to argue, so I don't.

John McCain has been a senator here in Arizona since I was in high school. That's a long time. In each election, I have tried to unseat him, but since I'm just one person, that's never worked out too well. I'm not real fond of the guy. Each time he was up for re-election, he played the "P.O.W. card". I got really sick of hearing about it in every campaign he ran from 1982 until now. I'm not making light of his military service or what he went through, and I have enormous respect for his service to our country. That being said, I don't think that having been a prisoner of war qualifies you to be a senator. Or a president.

And now we've got this "Oooo, I'm such a maverick" nonsense. You know when words get over-used and they start to sound stupid? Every time I hear "maverick", I think of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Then my brain goes off on a tangent about what a tool that guy is.

I also know that McCain is, and if the idea of a President Palin isn't enough to scare you out of voting for that ticket, I don't know what would.

I guess I don't talk politics here because I don't want to offend anyone. I want people to like me. But let me just go ahead and say that I have been an Obama fan since his speech at the 2004 Dem Convention. And I will be voting for him, even though my vote in Arizona won't mean much. Damn Electoral College. But I'll vote anyway, and then I'll watch our 10 electoral votes go to John McCain. Luckily, New York and California have a lot more votes than we do.

Which of my posts gives the impression that I'm conservative? I'd really like to know. Was it the one where I wanted people to search "Palin, boobs" so I'd get more hits? (And they did, by the way.) I was the one where I was offended by the skanky My Scene toys in the Happy Meals. Or the one where I said that the kids who work at Hollister have snotty attitudes. Is it because I make fun of 'helicopter moms'? Or... or... I don't know, I got nothin'. I'm baffled on this one.


debbie said...

I think it could be your profile picture - I'm just saying.

Shelley said...

Debbie - LOL!! It was nice to start my day off with a chuckle. Thank you! I think you might be right about those orangutans. They've always looked like Republicans to me. ;)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I had to go back and read the comment--this is truly strange.

Does the person actually think they'd be changing your mind if you were a Republican? Very odd.

Alice said...

I got an email when that comment was mailed and I thought "WTF?". I almost responded something along the lines of "Have you ever heard the phrase 'assume makes an ass of u and me' Except, I'm not the one assuming." But, I didn't, because it's your blog and it's your decision to respond or not.

Really, WTF! :p And, I AM conservative and I'm sure as heck not voting for him, either!

Alice said...

BTW, I would have ripped her a new one on her own blog rather than defend yourself. Or, I would have ripped her a new one AFTER telling her she didn't know what the hell she was talking about and to mind her own damn business.

Lish said...

Still laughing at how YOU could be mistaken as a Republican! HAHAHA! *pointing finger>*