Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Want a Magerating Friend

You know how kids sometimes have these really cute pronunciations of words, and you know you're going to be really sad when they can finally pronounce something correctly?

Kylie has an imaginary friend named Madison. She refers to Madison as her "magerating" friend. In fact, she is so in love with the name Madison that she always wants to know why we didn't name her Madison. That conversation goes like this:

Ky: "Mom, when I was borned, why didn't you name me Madison?"

Me: "I didn't know you liked that name. If you would have told me you wanted to be named Madison, then that's what I would have named you."

Ky: "Mooooommm....I couldn't talk when I was first borned."

Me: "Well, there you go. You didn't speak up, so I had to make a decision."

Also, whenever she does something she's not supposed to do, or makes a mess, she always blames Madison.

"It wasn't me, it was my magerating friend!"

I want one of these magerating friends. It seems like they get all the fun, and none of the consequences. I wonder if they can clean up messes as well as they seem to be able to make them?

I told Kylie today that I had my own magerating friend. So then she asks me,

"Where is she?"

I replied,

"How do you know it's a she?"

"'re a girl, so your magerating friend has to be a girl!"

Oh. Well. Darn. I wasn't aware of this rule.

"What's her name?"

"Ummm...I don't know, she hasn't told me yet."

"Mooommmmm!! You have to give your magerating friend a name, she can't tell you!"

Clearly, I'm not very good at this whole magerating thing.

If I had a magerating friend, I'm just thinking of all the different things I could blame on him/her/it. No one made dinner? Well...I swore I told my magerating friend to take care of that. I'm not sure what happened...

What do you mean you don't have any clean underwear? My magerating friend was totally supposed to do the laundry today. That lazy fink.

Hey, who drank all my wine? It certainly couldn't have been me, because there's no way I could go through that whole bottle in two days. It must have been my magerating friend. She's gonna be magerating her ass to the store to get me some more.

I think I'm going to name mine Twink.


Jen E said...

lmao that's terrific. I totally want a magerating friend.

Alice said...

Yes, just tell the police officer your magerating friend was the one who had all the wine. Hopefully, you're not the driver.

Lish said...


Aidan has a magerating friend too..his name is also Aidan and miraculously he's the same exact age and looks exactly like our Aidan too!

So not too magerating. ;)

That may be better than Paige's...hers was named Mustang Sally....a-hem...yeah, that was fun to explain. *LOL*

PnkZepp said...

I thought I was your magerating friend...:(