Sunday, February 3, 2008

Intruder Alert...Intruder Alert...

Remember that video game from the 80s? I can't recall the name of it, but I remember that phrase that it spewed all the time. That's how I felt when I found out that husband had read my blog.

I didn't think he even knew the web address, and he didn't...but amazingly, he had the wherewithall to Google "I miss my sanity", and boom, there it was. He was at work, and he wanted the picture of the three girls from our Christmas card for his desktop. I had told him...oh, a long time ago, that I would send him the picture directly from the camera, that way it would be a large enough file to look good on the desktop. Unfortunately, I forgot all about it, so he embarked on a trip into Google-land in search of my blog. Of course, taking the picture from my blog makes it very small and not good for a desktop, so that prompted me to finally send him the larger file.

However, he ended up leaving a comment on this post, which freaked me out a little bit. My first instinct was, "Hey, get out of here, this blog is MINE MINE MINE!" I don't want to feel like I have to censor myself. I don't think there's anything on here anymore that would offend him, but I somehow feel as though my space has been invaded.

This is silly, right? When I first found out that Danielle had a MySpace account, she was 13. I kind of over-reacted, but in my defense, the age limit was supposed to be 16 at the time. We set some very strict rules, and one of them was that I made my own account, and she had to list me as a friend, and set her profile as private to anyone who was not a friend.

When she first found out that I had read her MySpace page, she was furious, as only a 13 year-old can be furious with a nosy mother. She ranted about how I had invaded her privacy. I pointed out to her that the internet was a public domain, and that nothing on here is private. In fact, it's about as public as it gets.

I suppose the same holds true for me. It's not like I have ever tried to hide the fact that I have a blog, or the name of it. I have read him things that I've written from time to time. I just didn't think he'd ever be interested enough to find it himself, and in reality he probably only wanted the picture. But now I feel like I have to be more cautious, which sort of sucks.

How many of you have a significant other who reads your blog? And how many of you keep it totally private, just for yourself? Just curious.


LIBSMOM said...

Oh Shelley, I freaked out when my PARENTS read mine. My Dad was, um, not pleased but my Mom thought it was hilarious. My Dad can't remember how he found it in the first place and I'm not about to help him out.
I'm offended that Larry doesn't read it more. You'd think that he would be my biggest fan but he reads infrequently, at best.
He compliments my writing but then again, he's not stupid and way too horny to say anything negative.

Mary said...

My husband doesn't even know I have a blog! ::giggle giggle giggle::

Neither do my sisters, my mother, my daughters, my dog....

Oh, now, I've mentioned it. They just don't listen. But I also have a mommy forum that I frequent, a myspace that I don't frequent, and a family website. They would be bored to death following me all over the internet.

Anonymous said...

My husband reads my LiveJournal, but I'm able to filter posts so I can rant about things without him seeing them, but my friends can see them. :p

My mother also reads my journal on occasion, same above about locking posts!!! :)


onthegomom said...

My husband knows nothing about my blog. He knows I READ blogs, but has no clue I write one. THANK GOD.

In fact, no one knows about my blog, my kids, my parents, sisters, friends... no one. It's my little secret and I can say whatever I want! :-)

Lish said...

Ken can read my blogs, as I only blog on Myspace and he's a friend there...I don't think he does though, as he doesn't have any interest.

We're very open though, share e-mail accounts and passwords and everything though. I know he's skimmed through my e-mails before, but again, no biggie to me.

If I've ever bitched about him online, it's AFTER I've bitched about him to his face. ;)

Fannie Mae said...

The Saint is a regular reader. I’ve been a bitch on wheels for years, so what I write should come as no surprise. The girls know I HAVE a blog, but I won't tell them the name, web address, or my pseudonym. Nevertheless, it’s probably just a matter of time before they find it.

I have NOT told anyone in my family or any of my “real” friends. Oh and no one at work either. I think if one of those people DID “find” me? It would feel VERY weird.

Barbara Doduk said...

Hi, I came here via Mom of the Year since she awarded you my Spreader of Love Award. Looks great here and from what I've read it well deserved.

I've been online for 10+ years and always kept a journal. Now my family is more into the net and for a time they read my blog, which is very personal. Many had objections to my openness, but in the end they came to respect it was my space, my journal and in fact it ended up creating an opportunity to talk about issues they never felt needed to be, or even knew existed. Now they aren't curious anymore and hardly read. HAHA The man I live with reads my blog all the time. Which means it isn't so easy to bitch about him, but hey, I don't have much to complain about anyway. :)

Great site. Hope I can find my way back again.

Shelley said...

Hi Barbara...thanks for stopping by! Love meeting new people, now I'm going to check out your blog!

Well, guess hubby is still reading the blog, because he sent me an email from work this morning telling me why he reads it (a levity break from work, he says) and he also complimented a recent post of mine, saying it was one of the funniest things he's ever read. He doesn't get out much, does he? ;)