Sunday, February 10, 2008

100th Post

I've been trying for days to come up with something cute and/or clever for my 100th post. I really doubt I could think of 100 things about myself that wouldn't put everyone, including me, right to sleep. I had a hard enough time just coming up with just six things for that other meme. Let's face it, I am just not the creative type.

So, to celebrate my 100th post, I have made a couple of changes. I finally replaced my holiday background with something kind of funky in a favorite color scheme of mine. I know it took me a long time to take down the Christmas background. I swear I am not one of those people who still has their Christmas lights up on the house. There are a few houses in my neighborhood that still do though! Maybe they will turn them on for Valentine's day.

Also, I have added a user pic that does not have my face completely covered with a hoodie. (Hey, it was cold on that beach!) Yes, that's me, in all my lovely splendor. *cough*

Since we've established that I'm not creative, we're going to go with cute instead. I'm dedicating my 100th post to my kids, and I'm going to post some recent pictures. Creative, right? Well, not so much. But definitely cute. I think they are, anyway. Although I may be a tiny bit biased.

Danni with one of her best friends, K. They both just made the J.V. softball team at school. (They're sophomores) Danni is the starting pitcher (and hopefully not the only pitcher, because she's done that before and it wears on you for a whole season!) K is the starting catcher, and they're both awesome players.

Seems I can rarely get Shannon to let me take her picture, but she sure loves taking her own picture in the mirror. Gotta get those MySpace poses, you know.

I don't think you all have ever met our lovely dog, Bo. As you can probably tell, he loves being choked hugged by Kylie. He's a chihuahua/pug mix, and we've had him for 8 years. We rescued him from a pound when he was about a year old. We used to think he was just a mutt, but one day we were in a pet store with all the different "designer" dogs, and they actually had a chihuahua/pug mix for sale there. They called it a "Chug." The price they were asking for their chug was $1300. I didn't tell them I only paid $10 for my Chug. That day, I went home and told Bo that he wasn't actually a mutt, he was a Chug. He felt so much better about himself when he heard that he had an identity. You know, other than "mutt." We were actually able to discontinue his therapy sessions.

Kylie was getting ready to go to a birthday party here, addressing a card to her friend Amy.

I just like these kinds of pictures, so I can remember the cuteness when she's driving me insane.

So, as you all know from my previous post, it's not really warm here this time of year. So yesterday, we were all bundled up inside the house, shivering in front of the fireplace, wishing we could leave the house. Oh wait. Not so much. We were actually doing this:

Daddy is such a talented golfer, he can putt and hold two scorecards and a pencil at the same time.

Kylie gets a little help from Shannon here...

And a little help from Danni here.

This one, she did herself. She actually made a couple of decent putts!

Stopping for a break at the ninth hole.

The kids also got to race the go-karts. You have to be at least 4'10" to drive your own car. I remember not too long ago (maybe a year) that Shannon wasn't tall enough. I think she's grown at least 4 inches since then.

You're supposed to be 16 to drive a passenger, so we only fudged by two months. Kylie was giving Steve and me the "party on!" hand signs as they went around the turn. You just know that Danni was loving being able to cut loose behind the wheel after two months of listening to me harp on her instruct her while she's driving the real car.

Dang, I really wish it was warm enough for us to get out and do something fun. Well, maybe by March...


Anonymous said...

Chug, huh? When I was a teenager we had a Golden Pincher, or was it a Doberman Retriever? Something like that. :p Sweetest dog ever. :)

My mom has something I call a batpigrat... maybe something like a chihauhau, I don't know. She's insane... the dog, not my mother. Well, maybe my mother is because she owns the dog. Or maybe the dog owns her. Can you tell the whole situation is really confusing to me? ;)


Shelley said...

When Steve and I first moved in together, I had a golden retriever (female) and he decided to get a cocker spaniel (male). Well, the inevitable happened, and five puppies ensued. This was before the designer dog craze though. I wonder how much money I could have made selling my Cock Retrievers? ;)

Jen said...

I like the new background. You almost made it to Valentines Day. Yes your right, this weekend was way to cold to go out...bwahhaaaa...I'm so glad that it was nice this weekend and not last so all those SuperBowl visitors didn't get the crazy idea to move here.

Mary said...

The Go-Karts look like a blast! My girls love go-karts!! I've got some fabulous pics of them on my family website in the go-karts. Good times.

It was only 80* here today, 82 yesterday. So we stayed home this weekend. We'll wait till its a couple degrees warmer and the sun beats down a little harder, then we'll go have fun.

I'm SO glad we don't live up north in the snow!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Cock Retrievers. :p


Fannie Mae said...

Your daughters are beautiful.

Lish said...

I would comment on how beautiful your girls are, but I was distracted by your TEASING about the weather.

*shivering in Ohio in front of my fireplace where we woke to -10 degrees yesterday...good thing we've had a's 12 above this morning!*

MadMad said...

Happy 100! Mine's coming, too, and I may copy this idea. Except with less cute kids. Or dogs. Or fun in the sun. And I'm pretty sure the template won't be changed in time, either.


OK. I guess I won't be copying your idea.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shelley -
You made it on the Church Signs Blog! Congrats!
That plus your 100th blog, you are realy BIG TIME now!!!


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onthegomom said...

Congrats on the 100th post! I love the new background and new picture!!!! :-)

Love the pics of the kids. I just can't get past the shorts and mini-golfing in Feb. While I am still living in the frozen tundra or Snow Hell. Whichever... I will surely get even during the summer months when I talk about our balmy 85 degree day and you are in 115 degree day HELL :-D

I am LMAO over the Cock Retreivers, though...