Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, so it's not entirely wordless. But apparently, when you decide that the 5 year-old is old enough to have one of those really big boxes of Crayolas, you know, with the sharpener in the back? The 13 year-old decides to get "creative." What's up with the see-through, salmon-colored mumu that I'm wearing?


Jen said...

That is so sweet. I promise you that I will not get anything like that from the stinky boys that live here. I do love your mumu and Steve's square suit!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the see through part shows how skinny you are...and at least she remembered...KLM

Shelley said...

She does have a rather distorted view of things, doesn't she? I'm skinny, Steve wears a onesie and has dark hair, and we hold hands with hearts surrounding us while birds chirp around us. Cuz that's the way we roll. :)

LIBSMOM said...

Mumus are comfortable!!! Love the hair :)
I also really do like your new profile picture!!
Have you recovered from seeing Bill in his bow tie? I just read that post today. I needed a shower after!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am wearing a GUM WRAPPER! Who does she think I am? David Byrne of the Talking Heads?