Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some Fiesta Bowl Flag-Wavin'

Note: All pictures from this post provided by Danni's camera. Except the one of the flag.

Yesterday all this band madness culminated in a trip to the Fiesta Bowl. The band was part of the big crew of people that unfurled a field-sized American flag during the pre-game show. The kids are all under it, and they jump up and down under there to make it look like the flag is waving. It looks like this:

But before that could happen, they had to go out to a community college yesterday and practice flag-holding, with all the other people that were under there as well. There are about 150 kids in our band, and I think holding that flag up takes way more people than that.

So even though the game wasn't until 6pm, she had to be at school at 9am in the morning. Which I thought was kind of silly, but whatever. They like to take these things and make them into all day events.

Before Danni left yesterday morning, I said to her,

"Hey, if you're anywhere near the Texas sideline, you should look around, you know who might be there?"


"Matthew McConaughey."

"No way!"

"No seriously...he's a Texas graduate, and he loves Texas football, and a lot of times he's on the sidelines with the team. They let him down there because he's a big shot movie star and all. Plus, I'm sure he gives them a lot of money."

So, she left. And they went and had their practice, with a good bit of goofing around. Here's how you "practice" holding up a flag.

Here's Danni with her BFF, H. They are so cute. I may be biased.

At some point during the day, Danni decided to try on a band uniform. I'm not sure why. They must have still been at the school at this point, because I know the band didn't wear their uniforms to go hold up the flag.

Danni and H. again, with some other girl that I do not know.

This is Danni and H. underneath the flag at the game, before one of the security people yelled at them to stop taking pictures under there.

Here's a picture of a bunch of Texas fans in the stands, and their sideline. Wait, who is that in the orange leather coat?

Is that...could it be?

Oh. My. God. Oh yeah, you know who that is.



Jen said...

Way to go Dan, you made your mom's year!!! I still like my Matt better, but yours isn't bad either. :).

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that the kids did absolutely awesome. Great pics. Hope they had a wonderful experience.

john asher
american flag coordinator
(the crazy guy yelling at everyone)

Mary~Momathon said...


That's funny they were taking pictures under the giant flag!

bunnie said...

Those are great pics, and I LOL'd at the Matthew McConaughey reaction. ;p


Scotvalkyrie said...

Hell doesn't even want Ann Coulter!

Scotvalkyrie said...

Oh yes, only Matty McC. could wear an orange leather jacket and get away with it . . . he's so yummy. I would let him lick my face.