Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Think I'm LOSING My Mind

Dear Interwebz,

I know it's January, and many of you are going to start weight-loss blogs. That's great. I applaud you for your efforts. But will you do me a favor? When you start this new blog, or tell everyone about your progress on your old blog, will you please say that you want to LOSE weight, and not LOOSE it? I think this is one of the most misused words on the ol' information superhighway, and it drives me nuts. Your clothing may become LOOSE if you LOSE some weight, but you cannot LOOSE weight, you are not LOOSING weight, and you make me want to hit you over your fat head with a dictionary every time you say you need to LOOSE weight. Stop it, already.

Grammatically yours,


Fannie said...

Bwaha, the english major in me is laughing - and agreeing!

Jen said...

I know this doesn't apply to me because you will never read those words on my blog. I am attepmting to gain as much weight as possible...and I am suceeding. I like sucess. However, if I ever figure out how to go on a diet and stick with it long enough to blog about, it I will use lose not loose.

Shelley said...

Finally, a voice of reason. See, I like success too! :)

BTW, what are you doing up at 3am?

Anonymous said...

My belly skin and flab gets really loose when I lose weight. ;p

BTW, re: post on my journal about my clean house... you haven't seen the playroom! lol As I'm fond of military metaphors... It's a minefield of legos. ;D

Anonymous said...

BTW, that was me if you didn't figure it out. Sometimes it allows me to enter my google account, sometimes it doesn't. :p


Shelley said...

Hah! My pet peeve as well!