Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween, The Recap

Today is November 2nd. That last post I wrote, about the ungodly heat of November? That was yesterday. Just play along and don't give me a hard time, ok? Or else I'll take your cell phone away.

So, Halloween night. Let me just say that Halloween should never be allowed to fall on a Friday night, because Friday nights in October are for high school football games. This would not be a problem for me, except I have a six year-old who for some reason still expects to be taken trick-or-treating.

So, the challenge is to take the small one around to get her requisite boatload of candy, and still make it for at least the second half of the football game.

Ready? Game is at 7pm. We met some friends at 6pm to start the candy-fest.

The people who live at this house really went all-out. They had a blow up haunted house thing in their front yard. This is Kylie and her friend Gabe. They were the youngest of the trick-or-treaters in the group, so they kind of got left behind. That's ok...Gabe's oldest brother and sister, ages 14 and 12 (I think) were happy to walk with them.

Let the trick-or-treating commence!

The candy collecting lasted about an hour and a half. Kylie and I arrived at the football game in the middle of the second quarter, which made Mommy very happy. We found hubby and my parents and hubby's dad in the stands and sat. Kylie was happy to find out that our mascot, Scruffy the Wolf, had returned. So far this season he had been M.I.A., but this night, all of a sudden, he was back.

Kylie decided to bring her load of candy into the game. She doesn't like a lot of it, and I didn't want it laying around the house, so I let her pick what she wanted to keep, and we threw the rest of it to the people in the stands. Good times.

With 5 minutes left in the game, our team was down 35-21. Then we scored, making it 35-28. Then we kicked off to the other team, and ended up intercepting the ball during their drive, and scoring again, making it 35-35. With 9 seconds left in the game, the other team was set up for a 35 yard field goal to win the game. As luck would have it (for us, not for him), the kicker missed the field goal to send the game into overtime.

We got the ball first in overtime, and took two plays to run into the end zone for a touchdown. Then it was the other team's turn. On their very first play, one of our guys intercepted the quarterback's pass, and that was game! We won, 42-35 in overtime. That was one of the most exciting games I've ever been to. We are already in the playoffs, with a 7-2 record, 3-0 in our division, with just one more regular season game to go. Football season always goes by way too fast, so I'm happy there will be playoff games!

Our team has a really great tradition. After every game, after they shake hands with the opposing team, the whole team runs over and stands in front of the band. The band plays the school's alma mater, and the football team, the cheerleaders, dancers and guard all put their arms around each other and sing. They always do this, win or lose. Of course, it's a lot better when they've won.

On Halloween night, it was pretty amazing.


Lish said...

We won our first playoff game this weekend! YAY!

And you must not live in TRUE football country, because by God...they would reschedule Trick or Treat for another night so as to not interfere with football if that were the case (we had TorT on Thursday just for that reason). *LOL*

When will they learn? ;)

Fannie said...

Cutest pirate EVER!