Friday, November 7, 2008

The Big Game

Today is the last regular-season game, against our biggest rivals. These two schools hate each other. Think Michigan/Ohio State, on a smaller scale. We already have a playoff game scheduled for next week, but this is THE BIG ONE.

Our school is one of the oldest high schools in Arizona. It was built in 1912, the same year AZ became a state.

For 86 years, it was the only high school in our city. Then, in 1998, our population grew to the point that we needed a second high school. That is the school we are playing tonight, our archrivals.

In the 10 year existence of this other school, we have never beaten them at football. Two years ago, it was close. Last year, it was a blowout.

This year, we have a good team, and we're on our home field. I think we may have a chance.

Since 1998, we have added a third high school in our city in 2002, and a fourth in 2007. People please...stop moving here. We're full.

For big games like this, the kids paint their cars. This is the first year Danni has had a car to paint. So last night, she did this:

I'll let you know what happens, tomorrow. GO WOLVES!!!

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Fannie said...

Sometimes I think the high school rivalries surpass the collegiate!