Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Does Any Foreplay Come With That?

Here in these parts, we have a modified year-round school schedule. Which means that after every quarter, or nine weeks, we get a two-week break. Those two-week breaks fall at the beginning of October, at Christmas, and at spring break. Our summer is only 8 weeks long. So they got out on May 28th, and will start on July 28th. Yes, that's less than two weeks away.

Oldest daughter is going to be a junior this year. She now has her own car, so she can drive her own ass to school at 5:30 am for marching band. Ok, I actually never drove her that early, husband took her on his way to work, because he goes to work that early. Still.

Yes, there are buses, but none of them come around at 5:30 am.

Today was the day when incoming juniors went down to the library media center and did their stuff. Pre-paying for yearbooks (they'll never be any cheaper than they are right now), making adjustments to schedules, getting ID pictures taken, etc. And when you drive to school, you now have to do something else. Pay for a parking pass.

Pay. For a parking pass. In high school.

When I was in high school about 86 years ago, we had no parking passes. We had a student parking lot. If you had a car, you parked in the lot. Period. End of story.

Last year, the parking passes at daughter's high school were $30. I told daughter that I would pay for her yearbook, if she would pay for her own parking pass. She agreed, and went to the media center today with $80 in cash. However, she did not come home with a parking pass. Why? Because they have raised the price of a parking pass to $50. Fifty. Dollars. American. And she didn't have enough money with her.

Um, High School? Wtf? I can only assume that you have re-painted the spaces in the lot with gold-flecked paint. Either that, or this is just one more attempt by the public school system to f**k me up the a**. I'm going to guess it's the latter. Do I at least get a kiss with that?

Do you think that having the word "foreplay" in my title will get me more traffic? Again, if you're here because you Googled "foreplay", leave me a comment. And I'll send you a three-page email on what you're doing wrong.


Mary said...

$50 to park!!! Geez. Well, at the college I go to it's $350 to park per semester. But, hey, we get tiny little spaces to squeeze into so we can get a nice collection of door dings. But, it's not high school.

I get to go through all this in a couple of weeks with my teen. Ugh.

Jumpin' On My Last Nerve said...

Holy crap! I paid $50 to park in a downtown parking lot when I first started working (too many years ago to count). I thought that was extortion then!

And I went to a high school just like you. In fact, there weren't even enough parking spaces for everyone so you had to get there early to fight over the spots. Now that's a character builder right there. MUCH more educational than forking over $50.

Fannie Mae said...

Holy crap! We're at a private high school and only get dinged $30!

Scotvalkyrie said...

And the whirlpool of money suck in Iraq keeps on its merry way. Can I have a three-page explanation of foreplay anyway?

Tracey said...

Not a foreplay google. Sorry.

There's always a way to make a buck (or 50) at a public school.

Sue said...

I've actually thought of doing post names that way:
"Boy I Hate the Dentist. Boobs!!!!"

Amy Y said...

Ugh. That sucks!

I saw your comment on BA's blog and had to stop by and commend you. If I'd been the mother of girls instead of boys, I'd be doing everything I could to emulate you. I think you're doing a fantastic job and wish every girl mama would do the same!

Anonymous said...

I think we had to pay for parking passes, but it was a couple of bucks. Damn, $50??? That's probably more than the yearbook.

Jocelyn said...

I'm not here from Google at all but rather your spot-on comment on my most-recent post. And, holy crap, really? A $30 parking fee? Shouldn't these kids maybe be walking 5 miles to school, barefoot, in the snow, instead?


In Houston they assume that if you live anywhere other than the ghetto than that means you have too much money and the local gov. and school will conspire to take it all from you in taxes and fees.

You see, you just have too much money. Your kids don't really need to eat 3 meals a day and have a roof over their heads, do they?


I was here the other day to thank you for the link but then I chickened out because I had nothing to say other than a lame THANK YOU.

Kiki said...

It's like everyday at school parents are asked to pay another 19.99 for something.

The School's all like what's the big deal?

But everyday.. 'nother 19.99.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That's incredible. I think the pass for our high school is $18.

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