Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Because I Needed Another Reason to Stress

If I were a Twitterer, (deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle dum...all day long I'd deedle deedle dum, if I were a...oh, never mind) which I am not, because frankly, I just don't get it...but if I were, my entry right now would be "I think Danni has mono."

At the urgent care on Sunday, they said probably tonsilitis and gave her a z-pack. She only has one left, and it has not helped AT ALL. Her throat is still killing her, the glands in her neck are swollen, and she is weak and tired like nobody's business. The only symptom of mono that Web MD lists that she doesn't have is a fever. But she rarely gets fevers when she's sick, and I really don't either.

She went to school Monday and Tuesday but she's home today. Sleeping. The urgent care just called and said the strep test they did on Sunday is negative. So I'm taking her to the regular doctor today to see what they say. Remember yesterday when I said I had no plans for today? Bam.

I didn't know this, but mono is most common between the ages of 12-24. Little kids might get the virus but won't have any symptoms, and most adults are already immune. She's right at that age, and it's not airborne, but it could have been as simple as sharing a drink from a water bottle with someone at band camp. Ugh. I hope it's not mono, because that hangs around a long time, right? But I have this feeling that it is. Stay tuned...

(Added 4:30pm.) Doctor sent us for bloodwork, because that's the only way they can know for sure that it's mono, but we're relatively sure. We got a prescription for 5 days of Prednisone, which should help shrink the swelling in her throat. Other than that, doctor says, "Mono is a virus, has to run its course, blah blah blah." She could feel weak and tired up to a month or more, but hopefully not that long. We won't have the blood test results until probably next week.

I guess the other thing that happens to about half the people that get it is that their spleen swells up. Therefore, contact sports are out for the next several weeks. I guess I'll have to tell the football coach that his star running back is going to be out for a while, right? Contact flag twirling a contact sport? Well, probably not, unless you get jabbed in the stomach with a spinning flag/rifle/sabre. Is dance a contact sport? Probably not, unless elbows start flying. But you never know with those girls. I think she's going to take it easy for a while as far as the physical activity, but will most likely go to school tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I had a series of titers run when I was pregnant with Sean and had low amniotic fluid to rule out any disease as the cause. They told me I had mono sometime in my past. I never knew, but I had several cases of killer tonsilitis and all the other stuff involved in that. I had always thought mono involved weeks of fatigue. My mother had to drop out of school for a semester because of it.

Hope she's feeling better soon, sounds like she's not gotten the horrible fatigue that often comes with it. Hopefully that's not just a "yet".

Shelley said...

I guess most adults have had the virus at some point, and just didn't know it. Unfortunately, she's at the right age for the symptoms to appear. She is actually really tired...she's been trying to push through it the past few days, because school started and plus we've been telling her that the antibiotics were going to start working "any time", (because we thought it was tonsilitis), so she's just kept going. I just talked to Steve a minute ago, and he said she's asleep again. Her throat's what's been bothering her the most...hopefully the Prednisone helps with that. It's only a five-day course.

Diesel said...

Well, that blows. I hope she feels better soon. :(

Lish said...

I hope she feels better soon! What a sucky time to get it too!

Anonymous said...

I hope it doesn't drag out too long if it is mono. Sending good vibes. :)

Greta said...


Also...twitter's easy. Everyone's doing it.


Patty PeerPressure

Mary said...

I hope she gets through her mono fast! My girls and their friends are always sharing a soda. ewww.

My middle daughter had mono. I will spare telling you all about it, but Dani sounds like my daughter. I won't tell you how long she had it, you won't like that part. She did have to go to school half days for a while. I better not tell you how long. She had bloodtests to keep checking for mono. Oh, and volleyball is not good for mono. No....

Tell Dani to rest and drink lots of fluids and don't share anymore!nSleep it off. Hope Shannon doesn't get it too! Or any of you!

Tell the counselor so they can modify her schedule and allow excessive absences. Then she can go home and go to bed. Poor girl.

I'll shut up now. I can't twitter either. I'm way too wordy for twitter. no surprise!