Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life Without Teenagers

On Father's Day, Kylie wanted to take her dad fishing. Of course, this actually amounts to him taking her fishing, since she's never fished before, and it's one of his favorite things.

Since I imagine this is not the last time she will go fishing, we went and bought her her very own fishing pole. Clement Park is about five minutes from our house, and there is a lake.

Since I do not like fishing, or anything about fishing (boring, smelly, worms, flopping fish, ewww. I'm sorry, Justin...I really am), I set up camp under a tree, with a cooler of Diet Coke and the last Harry Potter book, which I am trying very hard to finish.

This is the view from my chair. It was about 77 degrees, and breezy. I could've sat there all day, and taken in the scenery.

Daddy baits the hook, because that's Daddy's job. Have I mentioned that worms, ewww?

They never did catch a fish on this particular day, but Kylie learned how to cast.

And she and her dad got to spend some quality time together.

Sitting on the pier, watching a bobber.

The End.

Except...there were two people noticably missing from our Father's Day. One of them will be arriving on July 3rd, and one of them...no longer lives with us.

Danni and my parents are going through an adjustment period, getting to know each other's schedules, my parents learning to live with a teenager again after 22 years of an empty nest. I think it's going ok. It will be better once school starts and they settle into a routine.
Have I mentioned that Danni has a job at Schmollister? (Mary, she really does!)

Here are some things I have noticed that have changed without them here:

We go through a lot less food.

And toilet paper.

I do a lot less laundry.

When I get ready in the morning, my brush is right where I left it.

So is my makeup.

I never have to go hunting for my lotion.

Kylie and I are together from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to sleep. This is not really as much fun as it sounds. Call me a bad mother, but by 4pm each day, I'm ready to lose my mind. She has no sisters to annoy at the moment, so guess who gets it? This is why I could never homeschool. Someone would surely die. Probably me.

I have no bathroom with makeup, towels and clothes spread from one end to the other.

I'm only nagging one person to clean up after herself, instead of three.

And I miss them like crazy.


Mary~Momathon said...

Fishing sounds nice. No big sisters to pester sounds kinda lonely. I'm afraid I'll be in that boat sooner than later. And Hollister? GWAK! I nearly choked! Hope she finds a better job very soon!

Lori said...

Hello from St. Louis! I saw your posting on Why Mom Drinks Rum and thought I would check out your site. I love your postings! How sad that your daughter is staying in AZ without you, but what an amazing Mom you are to let her have that year! Webcam, Skype and email will be your best friends!!!

Dawn in Austin said...

I know you miss them. Soon enough, you'll have another teenager home for the little one to annoy and life will get back to somewhat normal. Take pictures of your clean bathroom to have for when it isn't.

Megan said...

I wish i had a teenager to have my 6 year old to annoy. By the time evening rolls around, I'm ready to tear my hair out with annoyance. I've been taking 1 hour sabbaticals in my bedroom every evening. I wish school would start!!

The Justin said...

Oh man up:)
It's not like they are going to bite you' the worms that is.

Suburban Correspondent said...

You're making me feel guilty. My Anna (15) has been gone for 3 weeks on a trip with a friend's family. I haven't missed her for a second. I feel as though I'm on vacation.