Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello from Colorado!

Hello, Internets. You know what's kind of cool about you guys? I just moved 800 miles, I turn on my computer, and here you all are. Well, not literally here, like I wish Jen was here, but somehow I feel like you're all still with me. Probably because you are. How've you been?

So, remember my little joke about how I'd be the new fat lady in the neighborhood? Turns out it's not really a joke. There are a bazillion little kids in this neighborhood, and they all have little skinny moms. All of them. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, as I've only met two of them so far.

Two doors down from us is a couple with a four year-old boy and a three year-old girl. The mom,(I forget her name) Jenny, was really nice. She was telling me about all the people in the neighborhood, all the names of their kids, how all the neighbors know each other and get together, block parties, etc. She was very friendly. And skinny. Then another mom came out to retrieve her son because they were going somewhere. The first lady Jenny had told me this second lady was a runner. And she's totally beautiful and skinny. Sigh. Incidentally, can anyone say the name "Jenny" without thinking of Forrest Gump? "Me and Jenny was just like peas and carrots." Just me? Ok.

Anyone know how I can become a size six by next week?

Would you like to see a few pictures? I knew you would.

This is the family room on the main floor. Steve had this done when I got here. I think he did a nice job.

This is Kylie's room, which we finished today. She is loving having her own room for the first time in her life! She is standing inside of her little walk-in closet, which is totally awesome. Room for clothes and toys!

These are the only two rooms in my house that you are going to see right now, because the rest of them are boxes.

Here we have the boys, Bo and Luke, cavorting in the back yard while I sit under the shade awning with my fat ass in a chair and watch them.

This is the big field right behind our cul-de-sac. That's the school Kylie will go to in the background there. It's about a 60 second walk from our house. Kylie and I took both dogs for a walk over there today. I never took dogs for a walk in Arizona. You know why? Because it was too stinking hot. Look, I'm healthier already. I walked dogs.

Right now it's 73 degrees and overcast, with possible thunderstorms building. How awesome is that?


Anonymous said...

The house looks beautiful! And hurray for good weather! Glad you got there safe and how awesome of your husband to start getting things set up for you. :)

Dawn in Austin said...

Your house is beautiful! And your Steve did all that?! My Steve had 2 items on his honey-do list before I came back to Abu Dhabi. Did he do them in the three months I've been gone? No. He played golf.

Glad to hear the weather is so good and that you can walk the dogs. That's one of my favorite "chores".

Dawn in Austin said...

It's 113 in Abu Dhabi today.

Fannie said...

Oops, just sent you an e-mail about the move and now I see you're there. Sounds like it's going well. I'm impressed your husband DECORATED!