Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finally...It's Football Season!

And if those words don't make you happier than a frat boy with a keg and a drunk sorority girl, then you should probably stop reading now.

I love football, especially college football, and ASU had their first game last night, and we're now 1-0! Ok, so our first game, against Northern Arizona University, is a Division II school in Flagstaff. What's your point? We took it easy on them.

Junior receiver Chris McGaha (pronounced Ma-Gay-Hey, if you're interested, which you're probably not) looked great, and there's another receiver, a sophomore from a local high school powerhouse which shall not be named because they are the main rival of daughter's high school. His name is Kerry Taylor, and he made a couple of great catches last night. So even though two years ago I couldn't stand him because he went to that...other high he goes to the right school, and I'm sure I'll quickly become a fan. Because that's the way I roll.

We also seem to have made some improvements on the offensive line, because while I was awake, I think our quarterback was only sacked once. Woohoo! Perhaps I should wait until halftime to open the wine, so I can see the whole game.

Next week should be a bit more of a challenge, as we have Stanford. (What? A conference game so early? wtf?) Then UNLV after that, and then the fourth week is the biggie, the Georgia Bulldogs. Yikes.

And then, this Friday is the first high school game. Yay! I hope our team is decent this year. Danni's freshman year they went to the state semi-finals, then last year they lost their first playoff game. It would be so nice to have a season like her freshman year again. Go Wolves! God, I love this stuff.


Lish said...

I'll join you...our HS team is 2-0 right now, and they're talking big of them already in the area. ;) of joys...Kenny is FINALLy playing tackle football on the 7th grade team this year! YAY! The day I have waited for, his first game, is this Thursday.

He's first string quarterback too, which surprised us...not because he's not good (because the kid is awesome...I have NO CLUE where he got his athletic prowess from!) but we figured on him being a wide receiver as fast as he is.

On another note...I'm a cross country mom too. First big invitational is this Saturday, so I'll have some pooped kids (Paige is in the marching band too, Friday night away game)...and they are BOTH running this year.

Paige's second year on the varsity team and Kenny is doing dual-athletics this year and is running on the jr. high team too.

Jen said...

Ok, I really didn't read the whole post. I do like college ball.

Justin plays Chandler on Thursday at Marcos!

Come join us.

Shelley said...

Heck yeah, I want to go! It's at 6? Plenty of time. Will we embarrass you if we show up in our Chandler gear? :)

Fannie Mae said...

I'm remembering from last year that you are WAY into football. I'm trying, but still not my favorite.