Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They Went Back Today!

To school, of course! Woohoo! Well, actually Danni and Shannon went back to school today. Kylie actually went back yesterday (different school), but since she only goes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she was with me today.

We went to the doctor for a well-visit today, because I knew Kylie still needed a couple of shots before kindergarten starts, and I really wanted to get that out of the way. Because really, I don't have enough shit to worry about. I'm not really big on tricking kids or lying to them about whether they're getting shots or not, so when she asked, I told her that I thought she needed one or two. Ok, slight exaggeration, I knew she had to get two, but I told her afterwards we could go see Horton Hears a Who. I'm totally not above bribery. In fact, I heartily endorse it.

Officially, Kylie is 41 3/4" inches tall (as in, 1/4" short of the good rides at pretty much any amusement park), and weighs 32 lbs. Here's the good news: She's on the weight chart! Yes, she's on the very bottom of it, like 2nd percentile, but she's on the freaking chart. Yay. Her eyesight and hearing are great, and developmentally, all is well. Then the two shots. The anticipation is so much worse than the actual thing. When it came to getting stuck, she didn't even cry. She kept telling me when we got back in the car how brave she was. Not that she likes to toot her own horn or anything, but she was totally brave. I got three kisses for saying that on my blog.

Horton Hears a Who was cute, a little slow in parts, but I suppose what you'd expect when you turn a 5 minute book into an 88 minute movie. Everytime the mayor of Whoville spoke though, I kept hearing Michael Scott. Jim Carrey as Horton was slightly better at not using his exact real voice.

Kylie wanted me to take her picture in front of this very large display for a movie coming out this summer called Kung Fu Panda.

Thanks, Dreamworks. Because, you know...this doesn't look like Over The Hedge at all. Have I told you all my theory that almost every recent film by Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks etc, are all the same script, just with different characters and setting? I know the "fish out of water" theme is a common one, but come on. Finding Nemo, Over the Hedge, Cars, Ratatouille... YAWN. Seriously. Although I suppose if the same script regurgitated over and over with different characters in a different setting made me as much money as it makes them...I'd probably do it too.

Have I mentioned how much I truly love Enchanted? I'm so buying it, and very soon. Come to think of it, that's a "fish out of water" movie too. But that's different. Because...because I really liked it. So there.

Gotta put a couple of pictures in here of last Friday, when we went to the pool. Thankfully, it was not windy this time. It was...well, it was hot. I thought the water felt great, but Kylie was still shaking and shivering after a while. See the aforementioned weight of said child. If she had an ounce of body fat on her (and really, she can have a few of mine, I don't mind), she wouldn't always be so cold in the water.

It was so crowded. Madness, I tell you. Sheer craziness. Hi ladies! You're all on my blog in your bathing suits! Hee!

Since the lifeguards are mostly high-school kids, the pool only opens for the two weeks of spring break, and is now closed again and will be closed until school gets out at the end of May. I can't believe it's only 9 weeks away. Danni is almost an upperclassman! And she'll be 16 in two weeks. Help.

Kylie decided to get out of the water and start working on her tan. She got this idea from Danni, who was there with us. Thanks Dan! I have a picture of both of them lying out together, but I didn't think D would appreciate a picture of her bikini-clad butt on my blog. I know Ky looks a little bit red there, but I think that was just because it was hot. She had sunscreen on, I promise!

And now let this be,
A lesson for all.
A person's a person,
No matter how small.

-Dr. Seuss


Anonymous said...

Ummm... "the pool"?... "THE POOL"? That's what you call "the pool"? Damn, woman! LOL. My "pool" is a plastic thing in the back yard! We're having a drought, but you live in a desert, for crissakes! LOL. :p

I have D take all of the kids to those movies, because I can't stand them. If I have to take them, I take a book. I bought Megan Enchanted for her Easter basket and I've been catching glimpses of it. I've got to say, I do enjoy the scene of cockroaches, rats and pigeons cleaning the condo. LOL! :)


Lish said...

I am jealous of the pool...I am sitting here shivering looking at the lone spot of snow...yes, that white stuff...in my yard. You see, we've actually got above freezing today!

Yay on Kylee being on the charts! She's now as tall as Aidan (but he outweighs her by 10 pounds...he's actually thinned down from his Michelin man status of yore. ;))

Greta said...

Awwww, what a cutie patootie.