Saturday, September 25, 2010


See that countdown ticker over there? ---------------> I put that up last year when it started to get warm. I hate warm. So I put up a countdown for how many days were left until it was fall again.

As you can see, my counter has hit zero. The problem? We're setting record highs here in Denver. No, it's not the 107 that Phoenix is expecting today (God, just kill me if I were still there), but we are 10 degrees above normal right now...expecting mid 80s all week instead of mid 70s, which would be the norm.

One of the main reasons I was looking forward to moving here was four seasons. I know we will get four seasons, but it's not happening fast enough. Last year, our first snow was on Oct. 10th. I remember it well, because I was watching it rain out my bedroom window, and then I started thinking, "Wow, that rain looks really...thick." Not like any rain I had ever seen before. Then all of a sudden, it was no longer rain, but little white flakes drifting down. I actually stood there and watched as rain turned to sleet, and then snow, and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

Ok fall...I'm waiting!


middle child said...

I am totally with you on the weather thing. My sister lives in Aurora, Co. and she says there can be a snowstorm one day and the next, it's 70 degrees. I know she's even said that she's skied in a bikini because of the weather. Or it could be a lie. Either way, I hate the heat and am excited for snow. Peace.

onthegomom said...

I love Fall! I love Fall!!! I LOVE FALL!!!!! So happy that it is upon us and it actually doesn't bother me at all that Winter follows :-)

Fannie said...

We were in the 80s until Saturday night and now low 70s all week. Let's here it for sleeping with the windows open!

Dawn in Austin said...

We're in the low 80s this week, but it feel very fall-ish compared to the 105s we've had for the last three months.

It dipped into the 50s for a couple nights, so we were able to open the windows. Hallelujah!

Sorry to hear Colorado is not co-operating with your desires.

Shelley said...

Hey Shelley,

I saw your comment on Bye Bye Pie this morning and your correctly-spelled name caught my click later, and I'm all, hey, I used to read this blog! No idea why I stopped - you were still in AZ but going to move to CO back then - glad I found you again! OK, I have some catching up to do... :)